I can’t believe it’s already June! And Book 6 is far from done! Well, at least far from being “perfect.”

Since I wasn’t happy with Book 6 and took a break from it, I started reading the series again from the beginning to get reacquainted with the characters, which led me to realize how much I was trying to (unsuccessfully) keep track of, which led me to creating very elaborate character bios. (Remind you a bit of the children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? Yeah, that’s me in a nutshell.)

Anyway, I’m currently deep in Tainted Blood and enjoying revisiting the series. So many moments to elaborate on and many I’d forgotten about. Sooooo much information! It’s hard keeping track of who knows what and who knows who and who did what and…well, you get the point. 😉

That being said, it was ridiculous of me to think I could’ve had Book 6 finished by the end of last year, or even by early this year, when it’s nearly three times the size of Laney, which took me almost a year to finish, start to finish with many rounds of editing, cover design, and so on. Granted, I write faster now, but I also have more to write and keep track of. So, point being, clearly I have delusional tendencies. 😉

So, please forgive me for having the ridiculous idea of thinking Book 6 could be written and released in an unrealistic timeframe. And bear with me while I work my way back to it and attempt to make it amazing to share with you. As soon as it’s ready for publication, I’ll post info here and on all of my social media pages, so be sure to check back here and follow me elsewhere.

And please, send love and snacks. Lots of snacks. And perhaps a house cleaning service. This place is a disaster!

Much love,

Joann I. Martin-Sowles